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How to Find a Bankruptcy Attorney

A bankruptcy attorney is a lawyer who is specialized in bankruptcy and who has sufficient experience in that field. Filing for bankruptcy can be a hard nut to crack especially if you fail to identify the right attorney. Working with an inexperienced lawyer can lead to rejection of your case by the court. Therefore, it is very important to to get a good lawyer from Bolinske Law. A good lawyer will help you win your bankruptcy case.

Bankruptcy lawyer

1. Seek help from the in internet

Search for attorneys that are available on the internet. Most of them have been reviewed by people who have experienced their services. You can use these reviews to make a decision on which attorney to hire. Visit specific firms’ websites to check for information such as reputation of the partners, the number of years of experience and other such information.


2. Compare prices

Do not go for very cheap attorneys. This is because low prices could translate to low quality work. Cheap could be expensive in the long run. Instead, go for attorneys whose rates are reasonable. Most importantly, make sure you get value for your money.

3. Inquire on whether they have a bankruptcy certificate

Ensure that the attorney working for you indeed has the right qualifications. This can be done by asking them to show you their bankruptcy certificate. You can also ask about their training and education background in bankruptcy.

4. Seek recommendations from friends

Recommendations are a great source of information because they are free from bias. Your friends and family may have an attorney in mind. Someone who helped them succeed in their bankruptcy case. The recommendation will save you the hustle of searching for an attorney from scratch.

5. Compare different bankruptcy firms

Different firms have different advantages and disadvantages. Attorneys from big firms may be more expensive than those from smaller ones. However, those from smaller firms may not have as much experience as those from large firms. Small companies may also lack enough lawyers meaning the few available ones end up getting overworked. They may therefore not give maximum attention to your case.

6. Visit a bankruptcy court near you

These courts may have names of reliable bankruptcy lawyers from within that area and may even recommend someone to you. They may also advise you on how to handle the bankruptcy process on your own if you cannot afford a lawyer.


7. Customer relations

As with any other service, always demand the best treatment. If you encounter unfriendly staff or if everybody is too busy for you, you are most likely at the wrong place. Also, you should avoid attorneys who are rude or who have poor communication skills.

8. Avoid attorneys with a bad reputation

Do your research on the attorney you want to hire. If they have a bad history for example not showing up for court sessions or swindling their clients, do not engage them. People with bad character are not likely to change.
Filing for bankruptcy can be humiliating. However, it should not be a difficult issue. You only need to identify the right attorney.

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