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What Happens If You Get Charged With Domestic Assault And Battery In Massachusetts

Depending on the circumstances of an arrest, there are four different charges for domestic assault and battery in Massachusetts. There is a big difference between them and they will substantially influence the entire case and the potential penalty. These four charges are:Assault 07


  • Simple assault and battery
  • Assault and battery
  • Aggravated assault and battery
  • Assault and battery with a dangerous weapon


The first two fall under misdemeanor crimes in the state of Massachusetts. The other two are considered as felony offenses.

Consequences Of Assault And Battery In Massachusetts

Assault 09If you used a dangerous weapon during the incident and if you get convicted for assault and battery in Massachusetts, you can end up behind bars for up to ten years. If your case doesn’t reach the superior court, then you can end up with a two and a half years jail time only.

More often than not, a defendant will get probation when he is found guilty. But the condition for the probation is that the defendant has to go through The Certified Batter’s Program. And the catch is, the defendant has to pay to enter the program, with the costs reaching up to $3,500. The program lasts for forty weeks – there are 80 hours of sessions total.


In some cases, the court will not send the defendant to the certified batter’s program. It can happen that the defendant has to attend anger management classes. This is a less intensive program and is considerably shorter – it lasts 14 weeks only.

Why You Should Hire A Massachusetts Criminal Lawyer

Even though you are charged, that doesn’t mean you are guilty. The court presumes you are innocent and you only need to prove that. And this

Assault 08is where a skilled Massachusetts criminal lawyer can help. You need someone who will investigate the entire case and develop a proper strategy for your defense, all the way from your arrest to the final disposition.

Before you hire the first lawyer you see, you need to consider several different things. First, you need a lawyer who is familiar with Massachusetts laws and regulations, someone who has already been on trials, some who handled dozens of cases like yours. You want to hire a specialist who will know how to use every fact and evidence in your favor. An experienced Massachusetts criminal lawyer can even have the charges dropped, if the circumstances are right. So don’t waste your time, contact the best criminal defense lawyer now.

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